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Sleep May Be Best Prevention for Cold & Flu
Sleep May Be Best Prevention for Cold & Flu

    If you’re looking to avoid the cold or the flu this fall, make time for sleep.
Studies show that sleep deprivation has an adverse effect on immune function,
and chronic sleep loss can increase an individual’s vulnerability to infectious
diseases. Past Sleep in America polls conducted by the National Sleep
Foundation indicate that children and the elderly, identified as high-risk
populations and first in line for the flu vaccine, are often sleep-deprived. Poll data
show that on average, newborns to 10 years olds do not meet the low range of
recommended hours of sleep each night. Two-thirds of older adults also say they
suffer from frequent sleep problems, including insomnia, which often prevent
them from getting a good night’s sleep.

    Schedule sleep like any other daily activity. Put it on your “to-do list” and
cross it off every night. But don’t make it the thing you do only after everything
else is done – stop doing other things so you get the sleep you need. Your
health depends on it.