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American Sleep Centers, Inc.              Sleep and Epilepsy Centers of Puerto Rico
American Sleep Centers offers testing, diagnosis, and treatment of certain neurological disorders, brain disorders and
tumors, sensory disorders, and sleep disorders.  These services are for individuals experiencing  Insomnia, Narcolepsy,
Sleep Apnea, night terrors, bed wetting, teeth grinding, sleep talking, snoring, balance problems,  Epilepsy, etc.  It is
estimated that 85% of Puertoricans suffer from sleep disordered breathing. Obstructive Sleep Apnea, the most common
form of sleep disordered breathing, is increasingly associated with hypertension and increased risk for cardiovascular
disease.   American Sleep Centers is very proud to be a member of the National Sleep Foundation.  It is reserved for
centers that provide comprehensive testing and treatment of a full range of sleep disorders including sleep disordered
breathing, Insomnia and Parasomnias.

What We Do

Our Centers provide care for adults and children 6 months and older.   Our  physicians have special training in both Sleep
Medicine and Epilepsy and are always available for consultation.  Overnight tests (polysomnograms) provide diagnostic
information to ordering physicians. Other procedures, including tests to determine correct pressure levels for CPAP
therapy (continuous positive airway pressure), are scheduled at patient convenience six nights a week in the two bed sleep
lab. American Sleep Centers sleep medicine physicians work closely with specialists in neurology, psychiatry, ENT and
pulmonology to diagnose unusual problems.

A special pediatric suite allows parents to sleep in an adjoining room while their child is tested. Closed circuit cameras
allow parents to continuously observe the test process and technicians are available to answer any questions.


  • Loud snoring followed by a breathless pausing ending with a snort or gasp

  • Restless movements

  • High blood pressure

  • Morning headache

  • Impotence

  • Problems with memory and concentration

  • Extreme tiredness or sleepiness
The following physicians
provide consultations on sleep

Dr. Héctor Miranda Delgado

Dr. Manuel González

Call Us Today!

Testing is done on an outpatient basis Monday through
Friday and some cases are worked on the weekends.
The Sleep Labs are located on:


Hospital UPR Dr. Federico Trilla, 5th floor, Road 3 Km.
8.3, 65th de Infantería Ave., Carolina, PR 00984.

A physician order is required. Fees are covered by most
insurance plans if not, we may help you find an
appropriate payment plan to help you resolve your health
problem. For more information, call us at:

(787) 257-1220  (Carolina)

(787) 410-0059  (Carolina)
Proud Member of
The following physicians
provide consultations on

Dr. Héctor Miranda Delgado